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New Computer Systems

Please note that we offer optional Labor and On-Site Warranties solely to customers in the greater Montreal area.

Sigmawave recommends the addition of our most popular warranty option for new Computer systems purchased at Sigmawave. The terms of the warranty include a Three Years Labor and Manufactures' Parts Warranty in addition to a one-year of Sigmawave Shipping & Handling. This warranty is valid in-store, and NOT on-site.

The above warranty works as follows: In effect three years from the invoice date, if a part is defective there shall be no charge for the physical removal of the defective component(s) and installation of the replacement component(s).

The parts warranty is based on the warranty policies of the different manufacturers of the parts a customer selects in his computer system. If a manufacturer offers three years on a specific part, Sigmawave shall respect the handling of that part for three years and assume the charges of shipping it to its manufacturer for the first year. The customer is responsible for paying for shipping charges after the first 12-month period.

Sigmawave shall not offer a direct replacement for the defective part(s). The replacement time span is fully determined by the replacement policy of the manufacturer.

Please note that the Labor Warranty does NOT COVER Software. This includes, but is not limited to, corruption, incompatibility, and malfunctions of any operating system or application software.

Labor warranty does not cover any required reinstallation or debugging of the operating system due, directly or indirectly, to an end user error. In that case, charges calculated at our regular service hourly rates will be applied. Our current hourly rate is $50/hour.

Items Sold as Parts

Sigmawave shall offer a Fourteen Day Replacement Warranty on all items sold as parts. A defective part within the first 14 days following the purchase may be returned for replacement. Sigmawave shall not be responsible to offer a direct replacement for the defective part. The replacement time span is fully determined by the replacement policy of the manufacturer. Physical damage to a part caused by user mishandling is not covered by any warranty. Our technicians will inspect any part returned for replacement to ensure it has no physical damages.

After the fourteen days Sigmawave shall give the client the option to handle the manufactures� warranty with a fee charged for shipping and handling.


Laptops come with our standard Fourteen Day Replacement Warranty and the manufacturers� warranty.

Special-Order Items

Special order items sold with a system or separately, can NOT be returned. If the item is defective, the standard Fourteen Day Replacement Warranty applies. Sigmawave shall clearly mark an order form if a part is considered as a �Special Order� item.

Optional Limited On-site Warranty

Optional Limited On-site Warranty covers the following: our technicians� travel time, onsite problem diagnostic time, removal of defective hardware, sending it to manufacturers for replacement, and installing the replacement part back in your PC. We do not have control over the time it takes a manufacturer to send back the repaired/replaced part. Software problems would be billed at our regular on-site hourly service rate. Parts warranty is always limited to manufacture warranty duration.

Limited Warranty

Sigmawave shall not be liable for incidental, consequential, indirect damages or special damages including, without limitation, lost business profits or revenue.

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